Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bring it on!

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Oh Well ! As you might notice I haven`t been like in the mood of writing lately!
I am not sad or having a big depressive downfall but it is more like If I were angry at what is around me at the moment, but as I can not do really anything at all to change some of the things I just decided to try to encourage myself and try to find solutions and not justifications.

Well some updates:

Family is much better We still have a long long lawsuit against the place where my Dad was working but in the overall everything might have a solution. Dad will look for a job over this week so I hope He gets a job soon. I am angry at the people who made all this robbery but I do believe karma will get its own job.
I am still being a little angy about not drawing and painting in the way I want to do:FULL TIME! :). But I need to drink some pills of Patience and close the circle I couldn`t close before (my studies you know that).
I am a bit stressed out because I have to send the work to my teacher of the Residence and We have only 60% done and We are about some weeks to start the course and I am really stressed because I have to add my daily work that starts next week (I need to talk to my friend and boss to see what can they do to help me considering I will stop working on Saturdays, that means less money so I need to work a way to keep getting the same amount of money with less work, Dad told me He would help me with my lack of money but now that is without job that is not longer an issue to talk so I depend as usual on me) and also the Social Service I need to get done by April, so in few terms that means I will be without sleeping for the next 3 weeks and well I guess that drawing will be in hold over all this time. Well I have to make some room to do the weekly installment of Bodoque though.
I also had that kind of sour taste because I have been reading and having news from friends in my country and Spain telling me how difficult is to be a comic creator and I have been trying to keep myself and my comments away because I am very realistic and extremely cold in my imput about the medium and I do not want to discourage or destroy a dream, as I said before I have no plan B or C, I only see myself creating comics but I am also understanding of the big load and the consequences of being a comic book author.

btw:I have received some mails so just wait for a response over the week! Be patient with me as usual.
Nik I am answering tomorrow or next day after tomorrow! (And Yes! with dates and everything yay!!!).

Thanks for the good words!!

Have a great time and I am much better!


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The Old Lady said...

I'm sure everything will work it self out in time.
Many,many hugs to you