Monday, January 09, 2006

A total Crash!

Today it has been really chilly over my place and my Dad caught cold, well I am starting today and tomorrow Week Number 2 of the booklet I am preparing for the course I will attend and part of my Residence too, nothing really interesting happened today, well yes but is not even worth to mention but I received another mail from you know who (obviously I won`t write guys and I know that) I still do not undertand girls, as you have seen I haven`t had time to care about girls over this time.
The girl (long distance girl) from Chiapas is still there. Ahhh that I remember Aidee one of my best friends was the other day with one of her friends (my bad I do not remember her name) but it is just a lovely..... lovely girl (but as usual this girl has boyfriend....hahahah well, but I really liked the way this girl is, nothing further).
In case you wonder about this photo is from the film Race in Venice from 1914 and it is in fact the first time Chaplin is with the outfit that immortalized him!

I want to recommend some flicks of Harold Lloyd that I watched yesterday in Retro.

"Just Neighbours" 1919
"Are crooks Dishonest?"
"Bumping into Broadway"
The best from the 3 was "Just neighbours" I mean to see Harold and Turpin fighting was incredible!!

Have a great time and see you in a couple of days!!



The Old Lady said...

Sorry your dad is getting a cold.Hope he'll be feeling better soon.
Hugs xx

antonio said...

Today he woke up better, Dad says to send you his regards to you!!