Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Big Entrance!

Hello to you all!
June thanks for the words and sorry to hear about your crappy day! Just chill and rest. :)
Well I went to my Social Service and We are already planning the work that will be done till April (When I finally get done with it), and it sounds like fun, I will also help them with something I can use in my Resume in the area of Architecture so I am fine.
Today I talk to the people in the school were I work telling them that my times of teaching are reduced specially on Saturdays because of the course I have been mentioning so I will be broke for some months but I am sure it will be worth the sacrifice.
I continue loading info of Week 2 from the Course today and tomorrow.
On a happy note My Dad went to a job interview and for what We have been told He will start working in a couple of weeks, We also received the Notification or Notice from the Labor Office to get a first talk with the Company that fired my Dad to pay him what He is to receive by Law, and in case that They do not give a complete and satisfactory economical repairment I guess the next step will be the Lawsuit.(You read perfectly my amigo Nik...I write to you later tomorrow).

Have a great day and thank you also to the kind words Dear Alberto.
And me just waiting the time to pass to draw full time....damn where is my clock? :)


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