Monday, January 30, 2006

Acme times of joy.

Well I have a horrible pain in my back and I will probably go over the week to visit a "Huesero" (Huesero is just a guy who lives in a little town near my state who does the same work of a quiropractic, and believe it or not is really effective, so He will set the disc from my spine in the correct place because it is really hurting me while walking).
Please watch Grandma`s Boy done in 1922 and beautifully directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and the lovely Mildred Davis.
I really loved the way the story was told.
I am behind schedule because I have been a bit sick(flu and now the back) but I need to focus over this week to catch up with Social Service and My Residence, I was about to start week 3 today but I couldn`t stand the back. I only have about 10 days to finish at least half the work, I know I will.
Also because I was kind of slacking (remember I do not have my regular quota of work) well I was getting some weight over my belly but I started again my regimen so I hope in two weeks to get in my regular weight.
I have some news: I received two packages today in the mail, so expect news about them.

I am also working in a splash page that will start a big plan I have in hands.
Great time to you all!!


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The Old Lady said...

Hope your back is better soon.It can be so painful i know.