Monday, January 09, 2006

Victorian Times!

Well guys I am loading an image I did as a challenge and some guys are joining me in this crazy experiment.
Thanks Dadicus and the others!
I care in this cover to portray the characters done by the great Kevin O`Neill and Alan Moore. (I agree with you Aaron!! totally about Alan Moore).

I hope I made you guys like this imput.The piece is only in pencils because to be honest I have no time to ink this.
I already finished the flash-work of week one of fourteen more for the Course I will start taking in two weeks to get my degree, so I am busy a lot with this, and tomorrow I will go to my Social Service so well what can I say?
Well the scan of this copy really sucks so sorry in advance.
And you know I love Victorian times and I am sure as soon as I am done with my studies to start working on a comic based on that period.



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