Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hit me but remember I like it rough.

Firstable to June, Betzi, Kino, Chuck, Jeff, M1 and all the nice guys sending me mails about the last subject! I am still in need of more points of view but let me tell you what I have thought about it in the following days!

There were some ways I have been considering over this time about the way people see at my work.

People who liked my work.
People who liked my work but think I won`t get to the high profile level.
People who doesn`t like my work.
People who doesn`t like my work but care about me.

Well I learned and I normally give the advice to the artists who ask me for one so I always give the advice of

"Never please anyone only yourself"
I mean I can not really worry all the time about what people consider my work is going towards to, because I do not have stomach enough to deal with it, is not that I do not care but it is more in the way I see it I am just representing a sector who thinks in the same way than I (let`s call it similar background or taste), Art is so subjective so I am even myself having problems about deciding when the work is good or bad, I know there are many standars that makes you be a professional.
I am also grateful to a mail I received I have to say that it made me think about some stuff I never realized, the person told me that there are some people with a natural skill or gift and people who no matter what professional the work looked, they are missing that spark.

"Set yourself a limit or accept the consequences"
Let`s assume the two options.
1.-In case I have the skill or gift. I need to still nurture it by working and trying to evolve every single day and prove the people that even though I have a gift I need to prove myself that is not going away and getting in the same level forever, I have seen so many people with great gifts but too lazy to evolve, I do not want that.
2.-In case I really do not have any skill, Well I really want to continue progressing and evolving with my work I know that by practicing and discipline I can get into the level I want, so anyhow the goal keeps in the same way.
There is a third one..So to the people who think I have skills but think I won`t get into the stardom, I only ask for a little piece of faith on me to prove myself that I am desperate more than You the viewer to see jumps and leaps in my work as fast as I can, as I said to someone I am not an underachiever and sometimes the ways We see success changes from person to person. I also decided to make a personal deadline in terms of evolution in my work, If in the time I set to myself I do not see any improvement in my work ( I need to wow the viewers and future employers with my work) I will be the first to admit it and throw the towel for sure.
Everytime I listen my work is not good enough, I really appreciate it because you motivate me to be greater and better.

"Never justify your work"
I do not know If you have seen this I never justify the work I learned from a nice friend that no matter what the reader is thinking You can not help to change the subjectivity on his approach, happens to myself sometimes I really do no like the work of an artist but based on his personality or style. It is quite normal...
Work always speaks by itself, the key word is to find a kind editor that believes in what you believe and helps you to grow. Don`t play the smart guy here...

"Believe in what you are"
I learned in the past days this with a great friend of mine,thanks buddy!!!!.... "I am a Professional Comic Book Author", I can write, draw,paint and ink my own work.
If I do not believe and accept that I am one... already, I am lost. Act like one the person you want to be.

"Respect and Accept".
Respect yourself but also respect the people around you. I am really fighting to not to have masks or interact different depending on the person, I want to treat every guy and gal in the same level.

"Don`t do something that hurts you, do not sacrifice".
If you see that something is bothering you speak up, do not get a sour taste of something that sometimes is far and beyond your possibility to choose.If you can not help great but just say it be frank. Example: I have been so many times so close to get a great gig but sometimes a decision that is not about you or your work is done, you still suffer the consequences but deal with it or overcome it.

"Be loyal to yourself and to your friends".

I have more to say but maybe later!!!

Thanks and News!
In case you are in Spain.
Boom 2 is a comic horror Anthology that my house AACE has done, well IN NOMINE is finally out (the preview!!!!) with the great writer Pedro L. Lopez aside the incredible authors showcased in the magazine.

In case you are in USA.
I will be showcased finally in some months in a horror magazine with the great talents of Ron Fortier in the writing and Chuck Gibson in the inking...more news when I have more info.

About me...well tomorrow I need some papers to get signed from my Residence, I am about to start week 3 from my notes, and well When I remember more I let you guys know

Great day!!



The Old Lady said...

There is a saying that is better to of tried and failed than never to of tried at all.i think your work is really good,you are just lacking in a breakthrough.

antonio said...
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antonio said...

I am sure I will get one as soon as everything gathers up!!
Btw congratulations on the new guy.
And I read also you were not be, You are a great girl.

I am also starting my diet today!! cheers!!