Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bullets on My Crime Alley.

I learned some time that dreams become objectives and mostly goals so what a better way is to start working on them so this are some things I am going to work aside the Comic work I have in line, and also the way to confirm many things I have been thinking and doing to make this vocation to keep the fire I need.
So let`s explain a bit more. I am loading the layout page that I used to draw the Two splash page for plan One. Hope you guys like it, it is not finish yet so probably I will load this one in the final cut.

This is the starting of two plans I have in hands.

The first plan...well not really me in fact a great friend of mine is going to be aside me on this having his incredible inking skills, and I will be devoted to the writing and penciling of this story. Obviously I am not talking about the story or show here the final result (colored and lettered) but for sure I will send some sneak peeks

The Second plan...I am going to start working in an incredible proposal I have in hands with a friend of mine who I have been dying to work with him since I know him and now seems is the right timing and in this case I will showcase many things depending on the development of it.

Keep posted guys.

Great day and please wish me all the good vibe you have for these plans!!


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Michael Manning said...

Jesus: I forgot now how I found your site but we have Blogger Romasanta and a love for the movie "Cinema Paradiso" in common! I too work on my career goals from several angles since we all start off doing the "gunt work" ourselves; hopefully we hit it big and can hire others for this. But I am Linking you. Cheers!