Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Da Bomb!

Well I finally wrote to Nik telling him more or less the scheduling about our work, well also today it is really special for some many reasons.
I have finally finished my Residence (I still need to work in the booklets and everything but it will be with another spot of space in between so I only need to get over this week two more weeks so We have work in advance), my teacher only needs to pass the grade of my Residence and according to him I will receive my pass or approval over May.
Well in two weeks I am finally starting my Workshop with my Teacher and friend so by August to get done with all the tramits and paper work and become finally an Architect.
I am also self absorbed with the special project I am doing in my Social Service (that I will be done by April in terms of papers and on May when We send the study to the contest I will be done with them).
Also it is a special day because I have already talked to my Family and well you know I have been really thinking about me and my Vocation from different points of view I have listened and read, well I had agreed with my Family that I will give myself the try of 6 months to a Year to just work in Comics and prove myself for once and all that I will succeed.
Obviously I have already saved some money mainly for two trips I will do this year when I am done with the studies stuff, I will be tight economically for some months but if everything I am working and networking right now works properly I won`t have anymore economical problems for the long run.
I am keeping the projects this time a little in secret because I do not want to spoiL or jinx anything.
But there are incredible people supporting me and helping me on the trip, some friends over Europe and USA so I am going to TRUST only JUST LET IT BE.
My back is much better now, I have some ocasionally cramps but not so hard ones.
I will be a little tight with my timing work but as my Dad says this will be worthy in the long run.
My birthday will be on Sunday!!! Yayyyyyy!!! (I hope I get laid that day :) ).

Mare Bomba.

Have a great day all of you!!!


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