Friday, February 24, 2006

My Delightful Pleasure!!!

Mi Gober Precioso! Posted by Picasa
I have sent half of the work for the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD ones.
You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY

Where??? Here:!!
CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.

And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am and I still honored to be among them every week.
For last week I decided to break the continuity of Bodoque and sent these cartoons talking about what happened with the Governor of Puebla that pedophile and well some bottles both images speak by themselves!!.
For next Sunday you will have two cartoons again one talking about the follow up on Mario Marin the Governor and also another chapter of Bodoque.
Great day!!!(Yes, the link is in Spanish)


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