Saturday, February 25, 2006

Entre las piernas 1999.

Entre las piernas 1999 Posted by Picasa
Hey guys long time without a review about a good movie, well yesterday I had again the chance to watch this incredible Thriller called "Between your legs" an incredible movie directed by Manuel Gomez Pereira, right here I can say that the star of the movie is the Script by itself.
It was done in 1999 and it is a great film probably the ending is not well filmed I mean It could have been more shocking specially when you want to find out the real reason of the murder and the body found on the trunk of the car, I wish it had been more agressive but it is such a great movie.
Victoria Abril,Carmelo Gomez and Javier Bardem have some incredible actings.
Find out what happens when a Nymphomaniac, a writer and a police officer have something in common.

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