Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rudos! Rudos!

Well My Valentine`s was a bit different this time, because I went to "Las Luchas" with Mariana one of my best friends, the Cartel was quite good this time in fact in the overall this show was one of the best I have attended in the short time I have been going to them. Sorry If I mix comics and life reports in this insight from yesterday. I went to my Social Service to have a meeting with a friend of mine (We are still organizing the way We are going to have our report, the bad part is that We have lost 2 weeks in organizing everything but I hope We start everything as soon as possible). Did I mentioned that I already know the grade from my Residence?, damn! My teacher and friend really rocks He gave me 100 of 100 as the score and this grade is going to help me a lot specially in the average of my reticula.He still has to tell me today or tomorrow if the Workshop will be opened, so I am sure I will be really busy for this month and next one.

Let me start with comic reports:
First,I am right now talking to a very good friend of mine to start some work in one of the best comic book companies over Spain, and our plan is to create something special for Spain and the European market.
Second,about the Anthology where Robot Love will see print soon We are starting to have some alternate plans with me drawing and also in the long run writing.
Third I am still planning some proposals that I have reported earlier here and the plans I have with my teams of work!

Well let`s continue with yesterday.
After my Social Service I went to My part time job and I was talking to one of my best friends ever. I was telling her about how I spent my birthday, how is She planning to have family because She is already married, etc.
And We were talking about the kind of girl is right for me in the conversation She told me that there is a petite brunette girl who has been asking for me, I have to say She is really cute so who knows maybe and If She wants I will try to know her better.My friend even gave me a ride nearby the Arena (because She lives really closed to the place). I was waiting for Mariana and She finally arrived We got sits 90 and 91. We were laughing at our luck because it is normal that everytime We change sits The whole action from the wrestlers is in the opposite side, so I was laughing at her because it happened again most of the action was in the opposite side. What is characteristic is the odor of the place just imaging 2500 people in the same place!.
Also the funny part is to see children wearing masks even some girls are wearing them, people screaming and cursing to the wrestlers. Yeah I still know that some people believe this is not an sport but believe me for what I have seen over these months is a sport and more than that, it is a way We people used to talk all of our problems out even for some hours.
Well as you can see the Arena is quite dark, and people tell me that is really dangerous the ambience but not in fact there were a lot of Families, It was an incredible show the majority of the fights were really good the majority of the wrestlers always behave incredible with the audience I mean I wanted to take some photos and many wrestlers even posed for them.
I had such a great time and well We normally go to eat some hamburgers but this time We ate tacos of pastor.
What a nice day I had.

Great to all of you!!


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