Thursday, February 09, 2006

Love for Dummies. Not really just a simple crush!

Well in fact this is not a Love for Dummies section that I normally live and write. In fact I haven`t had some recent moments to call them so memorable to talk about , well in fact there is one but as soon as I know something concrete from the long distance girl I will start telling you guys.
But in the meantime I just wanted to drop an image of what I can call a real Crush I have been having since years ago.
Damn I love the stereotype that Jane Goldman represents, She is a Victorian girl in essence even Neil Gaiman used her in one character of one of his stories.
What else can I wish in a girl?
Red hair, a great sense of being a free spirit,beautiful eyes and rack.... damn! I love her giggling and yes I also like her to be a Witch.
I just love when she uses flowers on her hair. :)
Yeah, I know She is married and with kids...but let me just daydream!! Daydream!
Wondy If one day you see her damn tell her I am waiting for her here!! :) :)

Best to you and see ya!
Sunday is approaching!!


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The Old Lady said...

Well i see the birthday boy is looking forward to his birthday on sunday also your hoping to get laid.Sounds interesting.