Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The sequential music box Meme.

Wondy thanks for being part of this Meme!
I am repeating the rules.
1.-Yes you have to post 50 video songs with the image aside, 5 every time so everyone has the time to do so.
2.-There is no a deadline so if you have only 5 songs no problem or If you post 5 once in a while perfect! The point is that there is no rush. In my case I am posting songs and videos that I always thought that visually are incredible and some of them happen to be my favorite ones.
11.-Oasis. Wonderwall.
12.-Police. every breath you take.
13.-Radiohead. No surprises.
14.-NIN. Closer (the adult version)
15.-Bjork. big time Sensuality.

Great day to all of you!!


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The Old Lady said...

Oasis and police great