Monday, February 27, 2006

Love for Dummies. Beated!!

Well I decided to take some few minutes while my teacher comes to send the first delivery of work, for a strange reason I am really really busy sad is not drawing or writing but let`s start. Hey Pinky I read your mail and well so sad to listen to what is going on, keep me posted on the development of it.
Maybe a similar situation is happening to me here, I know for sure some people are reading my blog and my thoughts so the only way to prevent at least in a level is to keep having this space in English.
Well do We remember long distance girl? A week ago I went out with her to have dinner in fact and because of the hour was supper time, I called her one day before to arrange the date, She was telling me that I am "weird" because She was expecting to receive a call or an e-mail from last Valentine`s. I have to be honest I was really busy but also I was trying not to have big expectations so I was waiting for her call never happened so I just didn`t.
Well I went to her house and We went to eat tacos, I ate in fact She already had dinner so She was full but She was really kind to ask for one taco so I didn`t feel bad for eating alone.I was telling her I was expecting her to take me out the day of my birthday and in fact I didn`t make any plans with anyone because I was thinking in spending the day with her, She said that She prepared something that day for me but because a person didn`t do what it was in need everything was kept as a plan and nothing further happened, She also told me that She prepared something for me on Valentine`s but because I didn`t talk to her She prefered not to do anything at all.

I have sent the first load of work to my teacher, let`s continue with the story.

Well everything was going on pretty well till something happened. We were talking and She was reading something to me when She bent over and I got closer to her and as reflex She slapped at me. (In her defense I know it was a playful hit and without any bad feeling I know she did it playing), but the problem is that there are some things that really destroy me, specially because I relate them to past events in my life, I do no like people touch my face aggresively or slapping at me I just can`t stand it. She didn`t knew that obviously I change my behavior, the funny part is that I knew She was playing and it was a honest mistake and not her fault, so I just told her as a favor not to do that ever again in her life because it really makes me feel defenseless and bad.
From that point and on She became serious and cold so I just decided to leave also because I needed to be on time to sing "Happy Birthday" to my brother, We in the family have the tradition to sing that the first minutes of the Birthday. I just wrote a mail to her explaining why I did not like that and I wrote something about my feelings towards her.
She hasn`t answered yet and two days ago I sent her a message in her phone saying"Have a great day" and She replied a cold "Thanks, same to you". I still do not understand why She haven`t said anything about the whole situation at least a: "I am sorry I didn`t know that..", "I understand you..It won`t happen again" or at least "You know I am really angry.." I know it was not her intention to harm me, but She just hit the bull`s eye, at least I wished She had said something also to understand her in a better way, so now I am just thinking in sinking everything and not to care about it any longer.

Have a great day!!!


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The Old Lady said...

I think you need to communicate what you want a little more together.It difficult when you have people you dont want to read your blog.