Monday, February 06, 2006

In Punto di Morte.

Dear friends!!!!
I received my copy of this number over the mail some days ago but till today I opened the envelope and I had such a great surprise. Why? simple I got a graphic novel I have been dying to get in my hands drawn and written by the great friend Sergio Bleda (so expect a review on that great piece of art I have read!!!!!!).
But also the happy note is that this is the magazine Boom 2 that is dedicated to Horror and Pedro L. Lopez and I are having the first 3 page preview of IN NOMINE!!!!!!
If you are from Spain buy the comic and promote it you won`t regret it has so many tastes over the magazine and C`mon you get One Cover done by The Amazing Lopez Espì and the BackCover done by the great friend and artist Josep de Haro.
I still need to make an overlook to the magazine to review it but I have to say I am pleased to be part of this effort and from many more to come with my house the AACE.

I really needed this to cheer up today!!
Ask your comicbook store in Spain to order it!!!!


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AnnaRaven said...

Oh... I got it a couple of weeks ago. IT is absolutely ACE!