Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hanging out.

Missing you guys and gals!!
A very fast overall about the past days.
I am starting to be dissapointed about my work giving classes of English (I mean those less hours and one situation I heard over the past days, that made me realize I need to see forward).
I am not even with that spark or even motivated to keep doing that, I really hope things change over these following months so I can decide to continue there, stop or work somewhere else.
Also I haven`t heard from my teacher about the workshop to get the degree I hope it is not canceled,because I haven`t seen him in over 10 days (while I was sick in bed recovering from my back) even if that is the case I have some work I am doing in my Social Service that I can use to get my degree, from what I heard there is an enormous turmoil in the school where I studied Architecture, do you remember that lame lady who didn`t want me to complete my studies? well It seems She is in trouble because She is not doing her work properly so I am still waiting to see if my teacher (and friend) gets the approval for the course.
Also I am just working in doing a study of Urbanism based on poor suburbs as part of my Social Service but also for my Resume, people over this office of the goverment are really helping a lot.There is too much work but the guy who I am teaming up is really nice and I know We are going to do something great with the study
So keeping that on mind I started my masterplan, I am writing over the next week to Nik to start telling him some timings and send him another page preview of the work of Luchador!, and well I am doing my networking with some people I know to see how fast I can get work from them, everything seems really cool this time I will keep my plans for me just a little bit just not to jinx them.
Well Robot Love is seeing print soon in the horror Anthology I was telling you guys about so expect some info because there will be some news with my incredible teams of work on that matter.
In Nomine has been already in print over Spain expect some news over the week, from what I heard it is going to be in sale as We speak or soon in the Horror Anthology We, the AACE did to promote our work.Pedro L. Lopez you rock!!!!!!
Funny to see that my Horrorific Path is molding itself :) :).
I have something really big for this ending of the year over Spain, I can not say too much but means total exposure of the comic work there and I need only to convince some people to start working on it.
Also I have an idea that I consolidate over the months and thanks to Chuck for that, there is also like my card under the sleeve to get in notice of some editors over USA in a big way, in some months I will send some updates about it.
Bodoque seems to be working great, the only thing I have seen is that to understand the plot you really have to be aware of the political daily stuff over the country to keep track. I heard some reporters and some intellectual guys are starting to read my weekly strip. Yikes!!! Really scary I am sure in some months to get some exposure in a different level here in my country.
Lovelife well that is another chapter I will talk tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
BTW I was resting all this week from my back it seems I was worse that I thought but now everything is going to the normal cadence, but that is another story to tell.

Great day to you all!!!

June are you losing weight? You look really good!!
Wondy how is everything going on?
Bonita Annita kisses.
Rata Where are you???
Lovely Lisa cheer up!!!
Nik I got something on my mail today!!!! (talk to you later it is a promise, I haven`t open it yet!! :) )


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The Old Lady said...

No Jesus Antonio no weight loss yet.Glad your back is finally feeling better.I hope eveything works out alright with your job and your studies.I know it can be a worry.