Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Smart Echoes.

I am just seconding what it has been published today in Spain and acclaimed as a very intelligent Cover.
Some days ago apeared in a Magazine from Denmark some tackless messages and images using Mahoma and They stupidly dared to reproduced those cartoons that also were printed several months ago.Now We have to wait for the Revenge with the contest of the best strip talking about the Hollocaust.(Seems harder times are approaching!!)
Well El Jueves one of the best magazines in Spain had this as the Cover, and it is really hilarious.
Says" We were supposed to draw Mahoma... !But We Shit ourselves in Fear".
What a better way to talk about the subject but without harming anyone.

Have a great day!!

Update number one.
I recently listened what Rafael Barajas better known as El Fisgon, a great cartoonist said about the matter. I am writing what I understood...He was explaining that is really risky to talk about your religious beliefs but it is even riskier to use the beliefs of others to make fun of them.
I agree totally there are boundaries or ethics in terms of what it was done over there but only time will tell specially about the consequences. And I also respect if a cartoonist considers the whole situation just a matter or free speech.

Update Two.
Sad news!!Another artist passed away.


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