Saturday, February 11, 2006

One of the best days ever!

One of my best days ever and it is not even tomorrow yet!
Firstable let me thank.
1.- Wondy for this incredible image She set over her blog to me(and you are right I have a very good taste for girls) :)!
2.-I wanna also thank the cutest and best friend June for posting also about my Birthday!
3.-And to my lovely virtual girl Lisa for being the first to send me a Happy Birthday message, I am sure I will visit you when I drop by Indiana when I visit my amigo Nik :).
Ohh my god few occasions I have had a day like today.

The general Scope.
Well some days ago I got in contact with one of the brightest minds and intellectuals of my country a great person with a great heart that I admire and promise me He would kindly see my political work of Bodoque, I reserve his name but I will let you know guys when He tells me something about the page.
I also want to thank the kind people who normally take some time to read my lines everytime (You know who I am talking about so thank you for contacting me), well I received a mail with a kind of a proposal about my work and music (music that I love by the way!! ), I just feel such a great vibe about it and for what I can foresee it might become an incredible experience. I will let you guys know when everything is concrete.
I went to "Las Luchas" yesterday and I like it, I have to be honest there were some parts I was really bored but there were some good moments and after I went with Mariana my friend and my Brother to eat tacos of pastor, delicious indeed!!!!.I even saw the wrestlers eating tacos near the place I was after the show. :)
Well I received a e-greeting card from the long distance girl yesterday.
Today was my last Saturday giving classes of English in the school where I am, probaly and I am sure I will continue giving classes on Saturdays by next September, in the meantime I continue with my few classes in a weekly basis to continue with my Workshop and the last part of my Social Service.
My class bought me an enormous chocolate cake and I was really feeling loved and people told me they would miss me!
And tomorrow no plans at all, I was thinking in getting laid as I said before but I guess it won`t be that at least not tomorrow :).
About comic work I received a permit to send serious proposals to maybe in my opinion the best Comics Company in Spain, and I am working in my usual projects and in the proposal I am working in for USA!!
Finally the professional wrestler in my country saw the proposal I made to him so now it is up to him the final contact and eventual contract, I do not make big hopes but at least I did the best I could.

I have another thing to post so see you later!!!

And thanks again!!!

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