Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Numerology of Horror.

Well sounds gross but happens in my country.
A guy was kidnapped, a simple middle upper class doctor studying one year more to get his master, well Family paid the ramsom and it was found killed some days ago.
A governor that helped a rich man accused of pedophilia to attack a journalist who wrote a book on that matter, She was in jail and those guys are free.
The Family in law of the president is accused of nepotism.

Can you believe it!!?
Reality bites.
More info. (links in Spanish)


ps:The cartoon was done by the great "Fisgon"


The Old Lady said...

That happens in many other countries also.

antonio said...

You are absolutely right but in my country the yellow sensacionalism is also a key work of all the problem here. For instance the Governor was taped while telling this pedophile that in short terms He will cover his ass.
But you are right shit happens everywhere!!

Great day to you Dear June!
When I get some extra cash I hope to buy a mask to only of your children. :) it is a promise!