Sunday, February 12, 2006

The sign of the times.

Before getting into topics.
Please watch this move "The Hig sign", some time I talked about it, and it is my recommendation of the day. Buster Keaton what else can I say?
Well todas was my birhtday and it was okey, I just couldn`t go out with anyone (last year I was with You Know who) , funny but Today I was sleeping all day long.
I received 3 phone calls well in fact 4, Long distance girl call me to wish me a good day and She told me She wanted to take out but becasue of circuntances She just couldn`t, Mariana my friend that goes with me to Las Luchas bought me something as a present but until next time when We see eachother She would give me my present, Also Alfredo called me but the telephone was busy, and the last phone was from You know who. (Damn I just do not undertand her, She called me to wish me a good Birthday and well We got into that stupid conversation, again She said She did the right by being all this time absent and that now She is quite good, and I mean.... so What?, as it normally happens I had a bad taste in my mouth but becasue is her problem and not mine...I am just turning the page!.
Right now I am really okey...!
Thanks to all the people wishing me a good Birthday!
Expect some news about work over the week!!!


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