Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mis Temazos or The soundtrack of my Life.

Checking the blog of Bonita Annita. I am taking some minutes with the insomnia and well this is my little list.

Annie Lennox. No more I love you's
Sinnead O' Connors. Nothing compares to you
Mecano. Cruz de Navajas.
Alejandra Guzman. Angel. (yeaph a guilty pleasure)
Hombres G. Te quiero.
Nirvana. Smells like teen spirit.
Oasis. Wonderwall.
The Verve. Bitter sweet Symphony.
David Bowie and Queen. Under Pressure.
R.E.M. Paranoid Android
White Stripes.Seven Nation
Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I have a date with the nite.
Blur.The Great Scape.
Bjork. Army of Me.
Miguel Bose.Amante Bandido.
Badly Drawn Boy. Twisted Nerve.
10000 maniacs. Because the Night
Fiona Apple. Criminal.
Wallflowers.One headlight.
Madonna. Vogue.

I have more but now I am really making an effort to remember the titles.
anyway if I remember I will update the list.

Update one. Following the Crazy way kuching did!
Sorry Annita probably I am also tarao...hahahaha!!

Tv programs' music that were the soundtrack of my life.

Magnum P.I.
Hunter Investigator.
The Dukes of Hazzard.
Six million dollar man.
Miami Vice
Chapulin Colorado.
Chavo del Ocho.
I dream of Jeannie.
Rehilete....I am the only one who remembers the show!?
Muppets Show. with actual puppets and actors.
Mazinger Z.
Batman the 60's Show.
The Munster Family.
The Addams Family.
Cachun Cachun Ra Ra.
Mi Secretaria.
Ensalada de Locos.



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The Old Lady said...

Ilove lots of those songs and those tv shows.I still love watching the old re runs of miami vice.