Friday, August 25, 2006

Love for Dummies: Love is in your Hands.

Case I.
This happened to me some weeks ago, Well do you remember about a girl once that in date while playing She slapped at me? (not an agressive slap but one enough not to feel comfortable with her the rest of the evening and also after my explanation of why I would never like her to do that again she just got angry because I was angry: crazy world, ha?)
Well some days ago I was really thinking of her and I decided to send her a message by cell phone (He used to send me some emails that I couldn´t respond as my lack of time to do so), I received her answer telling me She was in town, and I call her to see If She had some time free for me (what was the purpose: to ask her for a chance to really check If We were meant to be together, because We share some things in common but as We notice last time She was not ready as a Nomad girl She is (She gets mad after being in a place for a while, She is always in moving track). That day I had only the morning available because of the notes I had to pass, so I had till next Saturday at 9 pm to see eachother. She invited me her house (that is very near from where I live) but she was taking care of a cousin I do not like that because I feel I am bothering so I just told her I would call her after to see If She was available, she agreed and When I called again She needed to tramit some paper work and told me to go with her but it was too late because I needed to go working.
Well The following days passed and Saturday came and at 5 รณ clock I was free so I sent her a message to tell her that...well her response was " Well because you told me you were free till 9 I made other plans but when I return Sunday Morning I call you to go out".
yeah, right! Sunday and Monday passed and She emailed me "Sorry I am very sorry but I do not know how I wound up somewhere else and Well I didn´t arrive on Sunday but as soon as I have some credit in my cell I will send you a message!
Yeah, right! The following days have passed and I haven´t responded her email nor receiving any message and to be honest I do not know what to do or say!

Great Day!!


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