Saturday, August 19, 2006

Life and Creepy stories.

I do not normally like to talk about me I mean I normally write what I do and oftenly how I feel but it is rare I write about me in other terms, but today I am just in the mood to do so. Some time I mentioned I wanted to start a diet, I try to eat in a kind of regimen and as healthy as possible but with all my last timings I haven´t had the chance to care more and maybe you wonder why?...happens that Dad and Mom suffer Diabetes (Mom is a surviver after having some kinds of Cancer and now a nervous system problem) and after a hard time in their lives they got so scared with that situation and the diabetes was a side-effect, so that means I need to care more of what I eat and now is also important to what I eat and I think in spiritual means.
So I decided to start a nice diet (nutriologist given diet) with my Dad and lose some extra pounds I have, call it vanity but also caring, I will load some pictures of me when I am in my ideal weight because another point is to lose weight have my old size and start buying some clothing.I am in Day 6 of my Diet and 4 weeks more to come. I also stop drinking soda and it is a big step because that was my only hard vice I had.
Mom is now a little pissed at me because I was giving her my advise to a problem She had and I was as realistic as possible, I am not the kind of guy that is telling you what you want to hear on the contrary I try to give my advise but sometimes I am kind of blatant and harsh.
As I said to her I can support her but I can not help resolve the problem, so well on Monday I am sending Mom to talk to a very good friend of mine to see if He can guide her to solve the problem.
One of my best friends the one I go to Las Luchas is now with a boyfriend and I am really happy for her.
I am going to Las Luchas this Tuesday!!!
I have more to say but that is enough for now!

Great Day!!



The Old Lady said...

Wish i had the will power.I start a diet and ive given up on it 2 days later.

antonio said...

Probablt what I am going to say is going to be odd or funny.
When you have some time for you take yourself to a lonely place (room or in front of a landscape), anchor yourself in case you know how to meditate, If not find a book about meditation, and when you are connected by the anchor and your crown ask you inner you, to allow you make the change, that you have already learned you lesson and you want to be a better you,start the diet and and you willtell me after what happens?.
You make the change not the people around you!!