Monday, August 21, 2006

Love for Dummies: You Never Know.

You never know what people is hiding...right!
I will write two sections one today and the other in the following days...After classes I had a coffee with a nice friend of mine just to chat and talk about Girls!. He knew Caramel Eyes and told me that I lost a golden opportunity with her, well what is gone is gone.
We continue talking about girls and I can not remember If I said that I liked a girl that had a nice smile over the same time You know who was almost gone and also I even said that I loved the way She was dressing all in black with a gold belt in one of our dates and She was really nice except for her squared minded beliefs.
We were talking about her and seems She was dating both of us at the same time, Well He was the lucky guy because She kissed him, I didn´t try anything over that time because I did not want to creat false expections...Hahahah...Who would have known!!??
We had a great talk...So You never know!!



The Old Lady said...

Well i guess its funny now you know she was dating both of you.You live and learn.

antonio said...

the funny part is that I didn´t make more and bolder approaches thinking that because of her religious beliefs She would feel awkward with an upfront way...hahahah ...!!