Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Waiting For The Grave

A quick hello to you all!
I am this week a bit busy and now I am without my computer as you know I had to send it to be fixed.
Before getting into topics thanks Mazeekeen and Victor for reading the blog as usual. You are right Mazeeken in fact I will try to put some of the stupid translations done to the titles of Movies so We can have a good laugh. Well Victor that is maybe what I love about the formula of the movie I agree with you is a bad movie If you are expecting big changes in camera angles, but when you think that is an independent movie You really get impressed by some of the inner ideas of the movie. The sex scenes you said it, so real...I even have my favorite scene but I can not say it now..hahahaha!.
I have like 2 days to get done with the notes of the Workshop from what I know I guess I can deal with the deadline that is next Saturday, and I am really behind schedule about my Monography but as knowing this week I will be done with the notes from the Workshop that means the next 15 days I will take them entirely for the Monography and to finish as soon as possible to get involved into Comic Work finally.
Today is Luchas Day...Yay!! So as soon as I get my computer back I will load the images.
I have some questions to ask but I guess those will be asked by Saturday or Sunday when my timings slow down a bit.
Best to you all and tomorrow is my Second Anniversary Blogging as I said some posts before.

My recommendations for today.
JAMES is a great group to keep in track, good music.
PHOENIX , I continue liking this group and in 10 days when I have some money back I will buy the CD.
THE ORGANS, I really liked the music of this band.

Have a great huge Day!


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