Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Funny Bunny!

Well I went to las Luchas yesterday and I saw the great fighter Mistico and Silver King vs Mefisto and Averno. Great time. Then I ate a hamburger well not really I took the buns away and made my calories math to match my diet. :)
I am finishing 2 courses today and tomorrow so I will be busy grading as I was told that I am incorporated again to the Saturday schedule in the school were I work and it sounds funny how I made the timings because next Saturday is my last day of the Workshop of Architecture and the following Saturday I start working, tomorrow I am continuing my Monography, drawing this weekend, catching up with friends ,writing mails I owe and Organizing my plans...!. so today I am just a funny Bunny!
And the image is one of the first versions of Mickey Mouse...Waldo or Oswald!!

Great Day!


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