Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wagner! Wagner! Wagner!

Today I had the afternoon free in fact My last till last week of September, and I decided to put away those stiffy fingers and I practice with my pencils and this is the result!!!

Great Day to you all!!



Jimmy T said...

Really nice Jesus!

Jimmy T

antonio said...

What´s up Jimmmyyyyyy TTTTTT!!!!!??

Great to see you here, count on me drawing something in case you get a solid idea with the plan you have to help!!

and thanks for the words I really want to become solid everytime I wish to accomplish what Jim Lee has done but I would love to go more in the Kevin Nowlan way!!!

thank you thank you!!


Chris Yeoman said...

Hey! Thanks a lot for the comments! I really enjoy seeing your work! Great head sketch!

wondy woman said...

That rocks!

antonio said...

chris: Thank you!! My pleasure..and as I told you start moving your drawings and you will see an advance soon.

Wondy! thank you!!