Sunday, August 20, 2006

Art Process. PART ONE

To be honest sometimes I feel like I am bad giving tutorials because I know that all of us have a different system in matters of creation.
Before sending the scans of The Teaser for Rocket Girl I wanted to start a new semi tutorial giving an inside probably not about the techniques, I have to be honest I need to keep some secrets, but a person with a wide perspective and wise can get those trick without me telling.
I am preparing this cover with Bat as part of my Submissions for next year, so well this is more or less my process.
1.-I always think in the shapes in terms of Shadows and Shapes or in terms of positive and negative and I design the shape I want to use in this case I chose a triangle (many people say is the most effective, I disagree a bit because you can use all the shapes you can think of). I also decided that Bat is my negative shape similar to the Yin and Yan and the positive shape will be the background.
2.-I draw the layout and I decide the light source, from now on I will work more in the final detail as my goal is to impress the editor and potential employer.
3.-In this case I still need to work more in the shadowing and in the background that is missing, Yes, you are right I will use as background a city or a building, I am still making my mind up!
4.-Probably this will sound stupid but I always draw the character at the same time I imagine how this character is and how this character would react. As I said some time ago a person I respect and admire gave me his inner vision of the character when He was working on Batman and I agree totally to his perspective and I use it as my own version of the character!.
In a matter of weeks or days I will continue with part Two.

Great Day!!


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