Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Little Conspiracy XXXIX.

This week is in sale in all the places of spain the comic La Abuela Manuela: QUE GRANDE ERES, MANUELA. By Rafael member and colleague of the AACE.That is a compilation of the first 64 comic strips with a total of 40 pages in white and black. With a prologue of the great Mel.
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Spanish Version:
Esta semana se pone a la venta en toda España el cómic titulado La abuela Manuela: qué grande eres, Manuela. De Rafael. El cómic cuenta con una recopilación de las primeras 64 tiras cómicas del personaje, con un total de 40 páginas en blanco y negro a un precio de 3 €. Para más información el prólogo es del increíble Mel, podéis visitar las obras de estos dos autores en las siguientes direcciones electrónicas:
Fotolog de Rafa

While I continue broke and expecting for some cash that has not arrived..!
The incredible David Lafuente in his experiment to finish a 24 paged comic in 24 hours, deserves all my respect in 24 hours He got 19 pages done and now is showing the result some hours after what He expected, by now is the total comic of 24 pages and the story pretty solid.

An applause to him and his effort!!


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