Sunday, August 27, 2006

Video Killed The Radio.

Some friends were laughing at me today while I was buying a CD with some Comedy in fact one of the best I have remembered and listened, my friends can not understand how for some guys like me living in a middle class level some radio programs meant a lot specially because those were the programs We used to listen while going to the school or having breakfast.
I still remember in special 3 programs I used to listen over the morning or the lunch time.
Kaliman produced in Mexico by Victor Fox
Al the Chapters of El Ojo de Vidrio and
La Tremenda Corte that is the CD I bought yesterday.
And it is broadcasted even today in some of the AM stations over the country.
La Tremenda Corte is an extraordinary radio program and there after a TV show that by the way I guess it never landed Mexico as a TV Program, there was even a Comic done with them, I still need to see where my copy is, funny but because of that copy I got chicken pox, yeah it was the comic so old and with a lot of rat poh that I got the sickness :), all white comedy produced in La Habana Cuba. Broadcasted initially in la emisora radiofónica RHC-Cadena Azul on 7 de January 1942, and after aired on the CMQ. They ended programs around 1959.
Probably for new generations this means nothing and the humor and gags are not funny for them, but it was the sense and timing to respond what made the act, even the spanish that is old is amazing all the slangs in use, always beautiful pieces of comedy, in fact you might find some incredible programs that are over the link I am including.

The Characters where delightful:

Leopoldo Fernández (José Candelario Tres Patines) The smart guy always the acussed and guilty one with bad fluency and rethoric but full of ways to fool people.
Aníbal de Mar (El Tremendo Juez) The Judge who was always sick, always nice always grouchy.
Mimí Cal (Luz María Nananina) A Cuban fat-cute lady who was in many cases demanding
Adolfo Otero (Rudecindo Caldeiro y Escobiña) An Spaniard who was really goofy.
Miguel Ángel Herrera (El secretario) The secretary who always shouted "Venga la Sentencia" and sidekick of the Judge.
And some other characters but extras.

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