Friday, August 04, 2006

The Eternal Simple Plan.

For a weird reason I want to Watch Miami Vice and from what I have heard and the reviews I have read this is a movie I am expecting to watch probably not this week but after all the turmoil with my work ends.
This is also another guilty pleasure I have read the reviews and they say the movie is really awful but to be honest I do not care this time I will watch it as soon as it gets my place.

About plans well there are many this time. I will work all night long on my written Monography, I am behind schedule because from the notes I am passing from the Workshop, so tomorrow I will be passing the notes of the Workshop, at 3:30 I am helping to study English to a friend of mine, then I will go on Saturday Night to a town nearby home to just have fun there is a kind of party so I am planning to go, after that I am returning Sunday late afternoon and I will have a coffee at six with a nice friend and after that I will continue working with the notes of the teacher and the Workshop. Besides that I had a small problem with the computer so that means that I will send the computer to fix and hope to have it home by Thursday at least to keep working on my Monography so as You can see I will be really busy..I mean as I am starting to work on my Monography, It will be a bit expensive the fixing so now I am again a little broke but in about 20 days I will get some money people owe me, I mean I do not want to have problems with the computer...NOT NOW! :)
So see you when the waters are much calmer!! If I can I will drop to say Hi.

Have a great weekend!


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