Sunday, August 20, 2006

Broding My Perspective.

My last post of the day!
As you might know I am starting to close circles in many areas and hopefully in October I am free to be in the illustration area full-time. For long time I was trying not to sell-off my art and my perspective and today I had a talk with a person and I learned a lesson.
Today some hours ago I went downtown to just walk with my friend Alfredo and talk about the usual topic:Girls!.
We were having some stupid and dumb love-situations and today I won´t like to talk about them I rather talk about something else.
We were a little upset and at the same time just laughing at our own situations and We saw a friend of Alfredo in one of the benches in a garden. And for the first time in ages I felt I was not alone in my own artistic perspectives. He was a nice guy and was telling us his situation while He was living in the North, I live in the Center, and He was having some of the ethical issues I had while creating.(but him in directing and acting). I mean to have your own voice but not everybody willing to listen (in cultural and economical aspects).
And He gave a pure gold advice, He told us that the key factor not to feel you are selling your work off at the expense of being compromised is to use the word: Accessible!.
Accessible in terms of the work people needs. And not to ask myself the question "If earning by creating something I do not want", of course I would never do that, as a matter of principles so I need to open new doors and ways to express myself and call the attention, and work my own definition of Accessibility to my work.
I know I have my projects and some deep thought ideas but I need to work in making part of my art easy to understand to the viewer, that was an eye-opener. Now I have a long debate to myself to re-estructure my perspective. And decide how to make part of my work accessible and to have an economical stability that I can continue producing my work without fading or changing ME, and only to diversify the work I do.
Nice talking to him.
I wanted to sketch in a simple piece of paper and this is the result!
Great Day to you guys!

ps:About girls... well if something worth mentioning comes I will let you know!


The Old Lady said...

I think it is worth thinking about.

antonio said...

Thank you June in fact I am trying to define what I am going to do with my work.
thanks for being aside dear June!!