Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Love for Dummies: The Dark Unsolved Case of Love.

Before getting into topics.
A big thank you to those people I ran into the messenger (As you know I am not fond of talking using that device, but it was fun to find some friends, thanks again).

I am answering mails over the week.

Case II
Sunday was fun I went out with my friend Alfredo to continue catching up on our own soap operas. And I was telling him about last Friday, I was and still have the same question about If asking her again for a chance to know me and try, because I discovered I really dig her.
I was telling him also that I was concerned about age, but from last conversation with this girl, let´s call her "glossy lips" (I love her lips a lot), She assured me that age was not the issue. So my friend gave me the classical advice.
"Moron (means me), just tell her this...Try to forget what it happened before with us...and give me that opportunity to be your boyfriend, know me to see that my intentions are good.
He just told me his motto is to try, and in a way is right.
He even took my cell phone and told me to send her a message to see also If She was at least at some point interested.
I wrote (He dictated me) "I just wrote to wish you a nice start of the week and hoping you have a week full of surprises". I pressed click and the message was on her way.
She didn´t answered till 1 hour after replying:
"Sorry for not answering soon but I just reply as fast as I had the chance..same to you, have a nice week and take care".
I was about to reply the message and my friend told me not to do it, thing that I did not, He told me not to reply not to make her feel I am at her disposal (I am not sure about this yet but I was following the instructions :) ).
So What to do?
What Shall I do? (hands over my forehead in sign of despair :) ).

Have a great day!



The Old Lady said...

My opinion would be to reply not immediately but certainly within an hour.If you take too long she will think your not interested and move on.Thats usually what i think anyway.If someone doesnt email me back and i know they are online then i usually dont bother with them again.If its just a friend then that doesnt apply .Im meaning if its a little more than that.


antonio said...

Thank you June :). Now my question is If it is the right choice to keep having that flame or hope and ask her for a second time..or let the time decide..anyway
Thank you June kisses!!