Saturday, August 05, 2006

9 Songs. 2005

Stupidly people in my country titled this Amazing Movie as "9 Orgasmos" that means in English "9 Orgasms" and They skipped the essential topic that is a crude and realistic love story sorrounded by great songs. Hard for some people to deal with because of the scenes, but neccesary to explain what the love story was as usual an egotistical side ruins everything.
The music is amazing and to be honest because I like the groups that are in the movie for me it was great. Super Furry Animals, Primal Scream (sadly their new album is weird and a bit boring!), Elbow, Dandy Warhols, The Von Bondies etc.
As I am out for some days from posting I wanted to take some tiny seconds and load this movie I watched some weeks ago.

Day 9th is my Second Anniversary Blogging so thank you so much to every person (friend, artist and lurker) for reading these lines, I still wonder what you read but I am just grateful You want to catch up on my eternal search.

Great Week!



Mazeekeen said...

We have the same problem in Spain. They put ridiculous titles with no mean... There are a lot of them, they don't realise that these kill the movie.
One example: "Rosemary's baby" title in Spain is "La Semilla del Diablo" ("Devil's Seed" in English). With that title you know what happens :P.

Crónicas de Sepelaci said...

Una película horrible.

No tiene mucho sentido, y más allá de las escenas de sexo, que son aburridas y faltas de toda emoción (demasiado reales, vamos), carece de cualquier interés.

Una gran decepción, que se vendió como una película porno "comercial".

Y sí, lo de los títulos tiene tela...

Un saludín

The Old Lady said...

Well congratulations on your blog anniversary.Hope you get your computer back soon.