Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh Glorious Day!

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Hello guys!
I am finally with my computer back home and many good news...I have been absent but I was really busy with the Notes from the Workshop I am attending and tomorrow is my semi-last Saturday going, and Well I´ve already done all the notes Yay!! (for the newbies I was just preparing all the notes and classes the Teacher gave on this Workshop as part of my Residence so I could get my Bachelors soon), now the only thing missing is to start working on my Monography and check the paper work for the tramits,starting on Monday.
My plan now is to be busy working on the designs of the Monography and drawing, drawing!!
Also today I got my computer and I am happy, I was missing to post.
This weekend I will be devoted to draw and rest and rest and rest and I have some new art to post really soon. :)
As you might notice this week I just couldn´t draw a new chapter of Bodoque but I am planning as We speak the new pages for the political strip I do.
Next Tuesday I am going to Las Luchas, and tomorrow I will write a Love for Dummies section.
See ya!!
And Great Day!

Post Scriptum:
Happy Birthday Bill N.!!
I got the mail Nik!!! and I am answering as soon as possible!!:)


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