Friday, August 25, 2006

Love for Dummies: Love Hurts?

Case II.
Two days ago was my last day with my course, yes the one where I had to bear (or kind of tolerate) to have the two girls that I mentioned before (the one that some months ago was about to date me and the one that I still like a lot but because of her friend and the mess that happened,She just told me to forget everything), as you might understand I had to put up with all the crap the other girl was trashing over me over the following months, you know making faces of disgust etc, but to be honest She behaved nicely in her possibilities).
Well that day the girl that I like gave me away a chocolate (I do not like chocolates but I was really happy accepting the detail) and after that She just gave me a big hug, not a normal one, I even blushed, the whole time We were teasing eachother in a nice way I mean after her telling me She did not want anything with me, I had just to accept that and move on, at least in my possibilities.
The group agreed on having a kind of reunion and the reunion was today in the afternoon, the first to arrive was the girl I like, and then her friend arrived, can you imagine the ackward situation?, that was not the odd part the odd part was that nobody else arrived So We had to wait about half an hour to decide what to do, The girl I like invited her friend to go downtown: We all together !!!!(but maybe a miracle or something happened She decided not to go with us), so believe it or not I was NOW alone with the girl I like a lot for a whole evening, just remember this girl told me some months ago that because of the situation with her friend She rather forget about my intentions.
Well I can not call this day as a date because the past rejection was on my mind all the time, You know what?.
After the evening We had (I gave her a tour telling her about the legends and architercture of the place) and She even went with me to a gallery :D, She received a phone call and She said She was with a friend at the moment (I am a friend, kind of bummer) and We were really having a great afternoon together at least to me it was :), I have to say that the more I know her the more I like her.
Should I ask her again If She could give me a chance to be with me at the expense of a second rejection from her part? Or just to forget once and for all the idea?
Damn! After She left on her bus I sent her a message telling "Thank you", She replied "No, thanks to you I had a nice time, and thanks for the learning", I just responded "On the contrary, and when you have a free day reserve the day to me, take care", She replied " Yeaph!, thanks and take care!"

Girls, girls, girls!

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