Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love Tones and Black Magic Pixelated Lines.

I have just bought this CD from Elefant, yes, the stock up and absent minded guy from Argentina but with beautiful music. I recommend his Music a lot except for the awful prologue-gingle-song He has at the beginning of his CD. "Lolita" his song is really great and also the video The girl shows nipples :).I know this guy will rocket-sky fandom easily in this CD or next one.

More news:
The guys of Calico Electronico (in full spanish, sorry!) have a new chapter of Los Huerfanos Electronicos that will be available to everybody by tomorrow!.Right now is just the showcase for members (sad I am not one of them!!). so stay tune and enjoy the saga.

About the Wagner piece...Thank you so much for the comments guys I really appreciate it!!


ps:Later I will talk more. :)

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