Monday, May 14, 2007


Hey guys I am making this official!!!!!!
Sean Taylor an amazing guy and friend that one of his virtues is to be really open minded and truly yours have this project as our new baby. Sean has so many work published on his path and now is getting wide exposure being the Writer of Dominatrix from Gene Simmons Comics, and edited by IDW Publishing (I only have great things to say to the guys at IDW) He is also the Writer of a 12-page short in the comic Gene Simmons House of Horrors from Gene Simmons Comics and edited by IDW Publishing ( Art by Jon Alderink and Capullo,images).
Good news will come soon.

This is great because this means that ROCKET GIRL written by My amigo Nik Havert, THE UNWANTED written by The genuine friend Dan Deprez and now LAST CHANCE SCHOOL FOR GIRL written by the nice and great fella Sean Taylor will be the only load work I have for the american market for this short future.
I will mention my plans in Europe as soon as something is concrete.

News down the road:
I will post the sequentials and proposal of The Unwanted in the following weeks and I will talk about where this project will be displayed and it is a great place If you ask me. :)
And this Friday I am starting to draw page one of ROCKET GIRL 3 !! So stay tune!!!
Have a great day and thanks again Sean Taylor!!!!!


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Antonio Torres said...

ahhh cabron!!!! ora si que tienes chamba mi estimado!!!!! muy bueno, muy bueno....por cierto espera pronto las 4 versiones ya con color de Evil War.....espero que para este fin.....