Monday, May 21, 2007

My own installation.

Since some years....sorry firstable Heather congratulations on your ending of your studies...I wish you a great change of life!!!.
Well since some years I have been tossing the idea of having an installation artwork and it seems funny but in less of a month I will be able to show some pictures, so as soon as it happens I will talk about it!.
I am done with page one of ROCKET GIRL 3, I already work in the panel sequencial of 5 pages of THE UNWANTED, I am doing now an 8 page preview paneling work of THE LAST CHANCE. I also did the Cover work that I needed to do for this weekend and it will be part also of my own installation and plans in my hometown. I haven´t gotten paid yet, seems my boss didn´t pass the invoice on time to be paid. Gets on my nerves but what else can I do? such is life..:)
I am also giving some money to start a business to get some money selling clothing, I also have to talk about money matters for the new business I am starting with a great and loyal Family, We are offering art and design development for Wrestlers so If you happen to be a Wrestler or you are a friend of his/hers, let him or her know that We can help him/her on any matter related to design and different products like T-shirts, poster work, design of costumes, etc and hopefully in the short term... toys!.
So We have a meeting over this week or next so I am busy as hell and also in some hours I am checking what is the scope on my thesis approval to know my timings to start working.

Have a great day!!


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