Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip Time!

Well not really firstable I want to thank Flama Solar for the mail and I hope to respond over the week (Thank you Compadre!!). This week will be really strange, I am paying some expenses and I am checking some of the work for the next couple of weeks and days!
Gossips...I will start loading here the first sequentials of a story Dan DePrez and I have in works.Probably at the beginning of next week.
Also I will load a Cover Dummy of a proposal that a great person and friend (He is starting to get published by good companies and He is going to get higher), well He and I have also a proposal in hands, He already told me that We have a company interested in the comic already.
I am preparing my submissions load after some years of not doing them so this will rock big time because I already have my colorists and I am only waiting to see if a friend inker wants to get into the same wagon.
Also planning my writing and proposals for the Spanish companies I am in contact.
Also at the last week of this month I will start loading only the first 2 pages of Rocket Girl 3 only to tease people. :)
The work of Victor Alos will be done by the beginning of June. I will also load a gift to a fantastic wrestler from my country, but I will load the piece after He receives it so stay tune.
About my Architecture work and thesis, well tomorrow I need to check with my advisor the word on that and I will try to make some time because the Facade of the school where I studied Architecture and that my advisor and I designed some months ago will be inagurated by The Governor of my State and I really want to be there.And also helps me to talk to a person in the school to see more architecture work in the future.

Great day!!


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