Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Luchas Night!! And mixed emotions!

This time We arrived a little late because We were doing some stuff that I can not comment :), after that We enjoyed the Night or at least part of the night, all the matches were good in special a small flying tournament done and I was impressed to see some people I wanted to see doing their stuff, people like Stuka Jr, Flash, Maximo (He didn´t wrestle as He knows but He gave a nice show), Leono (sadly for the second time He hasn´t fight as He knows how to), Astro Boy, and Super Nova, but definitely the best of the night were Stuka and Super Nova (amazing wrestlers!!!!).
The bad part is that Blue Demon Jr, Mascara, Mr. Aguila (He used to be so incredible specially in his flying acts and for a strange reason He is not anymore putting heart on his work always looking as lazy and disenchanted as possible at the speed He is going I can predict his retiring soon) and Damian were the same wrestlers about to fight the same night in Celaya (a place 30 minutes far from my town) what it meant that they really didn´t wrestle properly and took care of themselves a lot in fact, many people got angry and left the show as soon as the match ended. It was sad, I hope that the next night will be really much better than the last one. In their defense (wrestlers) I imagine how difficult is to fight two times in a day but at least If they were putting some heart to the fight people should have understood.

We ate tacos after the show and those were delicious!!
Have a nice day!!

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