Sunday, May 06, 2007

White Blue and Black Blue.

If you normally read this place (thing that I appreciate :) ), you have noticed that I am starting to load new work and different, well you are right, since last week on Wednesday I had the talk with my school (The place where I have my teaching) and I asked for a permit to be free of daily work to use it for my Thesis (tomorrow I will see what is the word on that) and also to start working on my Comic illustration work and the businesses I want to start over the month and so forth. I am still giving classes but only on Saturdays what makes me have time to work and catch up with work I owe and start different proposal to the people I have been in contact since ages.
Funny thing but sometimes people think that because I like comic book work that means I do not know how to draw realistically or that I lack of the Academy resources (that is one of the reasons of the Cover Illustration work that I have done recently to practice and/or experiment with a different pallete of colors I used in the past).
Having said that I worked over the weekend two pieces in watercolor in a more realistic way and I am showing the results here.The last one in black I had to cut the background because I didn´t like it at all and the first image I was thinking in a more Milo Manara approach!!.
In the following weeks I will try to post some of the proposals I am working with my friends and also the starting of Rocket Girl 3. In some cases I will keep withheld some images till they have the thumbs up and when I have an approval from the companies and editors I will load them here.
Have a great day and wish me a good week!!
I am starting again my regular eating regimen, I have over this time off eating a lot and I need to lose some extra pounds I have. :)


Timothy said...

I like the second image alot. Great realistic pose and the color saturation/hue works great to soften it up.

Rafael Nieto said...

exquisitas imagenes! y todo el proceso sobre el desarrollo de la ilustraciĆ²n se ve fenomenal.

sobre todo el dominio de la forma y el color, felicidades.

antonio said...

gracias Rafa.
Timothy it is always great to hear from you, pal I received your mail and I hope soon to respond.