Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A good day...yeahp! a good day!

I am coming back from buying my tickets for the next Luchas Day and also from sending the Cover work I was working on..let me put it this in an OFFICIAL WAY!!,
Starting this week I am the former Illustrator of the Poster work in the Arena of my Hometown!!! Yay!!:)
As I said to a friend of mine over the days I am not looking for Fame, I am looking for The Prestige of being the designer of the Arena, I have two pieces to show.
This is one of the strongest pieces in terms of design that I have done but was rejected totally (I understand why, economical matters mainly) the lesson is that I learned the direction of the future Cover Work done to them. The other was approved immediately so as soon as I work another one in a more classic way and receive the approval I will start sending the pieces to the printer.
I am just grateful to these persons and I can see myself doing great things with them..so what is the plan, well I need to work in the piece that was not approved and with my Comic Work.
I can not load the approved pieces yet, I will wait till everypiece is already in the streets only as a matter of respect to the Arena, but for sure I will load the rejected pieces before here!!.

About my thesis I send some extra paper work to see what is the situation.... as usual seems the guy checking my paper lost them so I need to send 3 papers more and see what is the resolution but from what I felt and heard I am really close to finally get the approval and start the hard work on my thesis.
So I can not complain at all!!
I also checked my grade from my English Exam: I got 97 of 100!!!!! hohohohohoho!! The easiest exam ever!!!

Have a great day!!


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