Sunday, May 20, 2007

From Pleasure to Lust.

I woke up really late today, so now I need to go really fast to the Stationary and buy some items to start drawing some poster work that I need to do.
Craig please send me a mail to know If you are alive because I took the decision to modify the Cover of New Nation, I will work in a pencil piece full of action instead of the one I did.
Dan, I have good news and over Tuesday finally send some work to your way.
Sean I am sending something over the week and Nik I finally started Rocket Girl!!!:) :)
It was funny because I haven´t had time to check my mails and till today and tomorow I will catch up with them plus the hilarious thing that happened to me some weeks ago is that I bought my airbrush but I still need to buy my air compressor. hahahaha!! I haven´t gotten paid so I will need another month to be able to buy it. because the school where I work lost my check of least is the word that my boss used....:).
I guess I have also good news to David and Victor!!!

About my thesis well tomorrow I will know what is the scope with it!!
Have a great day!


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