Sunday, May 06, 2007

Maybe I am just getting old.

Spencer Tunick (yeaph that incredible photographer from New York) gathered from 18000 to 20000 naked mexicans over El Zocalo of Mexico City to take his new portafolio of pictures. Maybe I am getting old fashioned but at this point I do not see anything that I can call innovative anymore in his work. I am starting to have that sour taste that I get when I see Botero´s work.
New Record for Spencer Tunick and I am happy for him but what is more important art by itself or to break a record?.
And that reminds me the old question why can´t the same institutions that supported Spencer´s project be the same in scale supporting projects done by native artists?.
Understand me well I am not saying this is Spencer´s fault on the contrary Spencer is doing his piece of work... the question goes more about the institutions for instance I was listening some days ago a interview done to the director of El violin (Vargas Quevedo) and He was saying He was really sad to be appreciated in his craft overseas before being appreciated in our own country ( the movie is starting to be displayed here after two years and only in few places not in a massive way), and that is a regular example here in my country.
That is up to you to make your own mind.

Have a great day!!


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