Sunday, May 06, 2007

New Nation.

This is the advance of Cover number 1 out of 2 I will do for a Comic titled "New Nation" and done by the incredible friend Craig DeBoard.
I am sending Craig a mail so He can tell me what else He wants me to add in the background of the cover or to see If He is expecting something darker or different.
As you can see I decided to play with my style of drawing and I wanted to add a different taste to this cover and the next one of New Nation.
I was recently checking the work of Tite Kubo and his color work so I decided to work on a more cartonish style of face work and following a more japanese gore approach.
I am still thinking if this Cover is the right approach... in case Craig and I decide that this is just a sketch or first imput I will work in a more action posed Cover..I am still trying to make my mind.
Have a great day!

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