Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Luchas Night... and My Artwork!

Well today was amazing at least the last part of the day!. I had a nice time with the big part of the show, as some of you know I am really fond of the female wrestler Amapola, and this time the show was great because Princesa Suhei, Amapola, Dark Angel and Marcela gave a great show!!.El Corsario beated the shit out of El Toro and El Toro lost his hair..it was good not the best but good enough to enjoy!!.
Then The Match of Dos Caras Jr, Corleone vs El Terrible and Hector Garza was really fun.
This day was so special because for the first time I saw my artwork as part of the publicity in my hometown, it was so funny to see some guys taking pictures of The poster I did!!!.
I feel just proud and grateful to the people of The Arena (Thank you!!).
I and do really see myself working in those posters for many many years and more to come!!!
Have a great day!!
I will load the piece from the poster in a couple of days with some other photos of my hometown!! :)

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