Thursday, July 06, 2006

39 Steps To Find Out The Truth.

I have been really busy working on the notes for the workshop of my teacher and preparing some classes. I guess this weekend will be devoted finally to my Monography, so expect some art on the matter and I hope next week to work on something I need to do from my Comic Work.
I paid some debts I had in a bank and I bought the movie Marebito while going back home... Yay!!!
I was reading a book about the work of the Architect and Painter Juan O´Gorman (He designed the Tlaloc icon that became The UNAM building), and for a funny way I also saw a documentary today with his work.Today I decided to have a nice time and I prepared a class to a friend of mine that is preparing himself to the Embassy Toefl, so I prepared this movie that I always wanted to watch... We are now half the movie and I am really enjoying it.
Alfred Hithcock has a UK phase and this is a transition movie from his silent german work to the mainstream American Mode.Funny but 39 steps is part of the first talkies done over UK and Ireland.
Robert Donat and Madeleine Carrol are incredible on this movies done in 1935!

Have a great day and see you in a couple of days!!


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