Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love for Dummies:The Eternal Search

I was bit sick today seems that I had a mild case of flu or at least that what it was going to be because now I am much better, or maybe I was just tired and a little blue.
I was reading what you wrote June and you are right...sometimes We need to look for what We want but to be honest I still believe that what We want is really within us. Before getting into topic...I was working in thightening the pencil work of the mural I am working on, I have to say I am very satisfied with the result, I am still struggling in designing the furniture for the office of my brother it seems that I got to handle some elegant lines and reduced a bit the flowerish flavor of Art Nouveau in terms to make the furniture a little cheap to produce but everytime I reduced that the furniture seems to be more Art Deco than Art Nouveau :).
Friday is my day to go to the office of my brother, take pictures and measurements to start the desk work, the written memory will be finished probably by Saturday night or Sunday night and next week will be to finish the Work load of the notes for my teacher...only two more classes to prepare and I am done with that just to be full time in my Monography .
Okey getting into the topic.
I am quite in limbo terms I have been noticing that some people around me think that I am not that kind of boy that wants commitments, and it is funny because I am that type of guy but at times being so picky with girls makes me be quite difficult to deal.
Caramel Eyes hasn´t answered so I am having little Faith that She responds so what I will do is that if next week I do not know anything from her, I will write her a long mail explaining why I was not around all this time and just to take everything out of my chest just to close the chapter and with it to see If She will try to reach contact, from what I know She is similar to me always in motion so I just hope to be in the right moment of her track life.
Funny but what I am going to write now it was supposed to be at the beginning.
Now in the place where I started giving classes (by the way I really like my class and my students a lot, they are so easy going...I hope to be in help to their level), well over the entrance of the company at around 10 or 11 in the morning appears a guy in a little bike a kind of stand where He sells fruit with chilli and lemon very common in my country but the funny thing is that I am not the only guy in the Universe in search for the right girl.
Over his bike He has an enormous cartel or poster hand written in Spanish(obviously full with grammar mistakes...) saying "I am in seach or my soul mate, I ama serious guy and hard working looking for a person to be the rest of my life with...If you want to know me do it and In case We are the one for the other..that would be AWESOME!!.
Kind of corny...Does that mean I have to write my own ad? :) :)

Have a great day!!


ps1:I am showing new artwork tomorrow!!!
ps2:I am listening MAGIC NUMBERS with the song Love´s game ...quite funny right?
ps3:Sarah Bernhardt was really cute!!

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The Old Lady said...

You never know it might work.You'd get a few laughs if you did one.