Sunday, July 23, 2006

Vengeance Has So Many Glasses

Lazy Sunday! I woke up a bit late today and I just couldn´t finish the written work for the Monography because I was not so sure of what to write but now after yesterday class-no class (I call it class-no class because this time the Workshop was in one of the houses from a partner, so in fact it was more like a gathering where We ate a delicious Arrachera, condimented and grilled meat, so I took yesterday and today to eat and rest)now I have the right line of work to follow for my Monography and my teacher will check it over the weekend as I advance on it. On Monday I am starting my regimen again so no more tortillas and sodas.
I am having this week free so I will use it for my Workshop and my Monography so expect some new details on the furniture I am designing.
Please watch "The Symphaty for Lady Vengeance", I was trying hard to write some ideas without writing spoilers so you can enjoy it but I guess the most accurate comment is "If you have seen Amelie, this is like the Dark Nemesis of Amelie" and it is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Have a great Day!!


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